One Time It’s OK To Be A Baby

Being a baby in most cases doesn’t fare well in life. You don’t want to have to get your way. You don’t want to make things all about you. You want to be an adult.

But there is one case where we want to be like babies.

…Be innocent as babies when it comes to evil…

1 Cor. 14:20

This is a passage where Paul is talking about worship and behavior. But this little phrase has rolled around in my head recently. What does it mean to be as innocent as babies?

Here are a couple of phrases I don’t like to be hear:

The first is: “What did you just say?” [with a tone of surprise and shock]

There is a good chance we can think we hear someone different from what has been spoken, but in these instances, people hear the worst. They hear you say a bad phrase or word, even though you didn’t. Or maybe they attached an innuendo to the words you’ve spoken.

The person may laugh. Others may laugh. One person may get embarrassed. It may seem harmless, but it’s not being innocent. Why gravitate toward the bad, raunchy, or negative? Listen for the good. Assume the best. And at the very least, just be quiet. Be as innocent as babies in this regard.

The second thing is a phrase along the lines of this: “That is the best show/movie! There’s some language and a couple dicey scenes, but it’s really good!”

When it comes to what we watch and listen to, we need make sure we’re as innocent at babies. Don’t fill your mind, eyes and life with the unholy.

Here’s one last phrase I often hear at student ministry events: “I could play music from my phone, but probably not good for a church event.” I don’t want to be too naive, but why would you have a list of songs in your playlist that you can’t even play in public around Christian friends?

Be as innocent as babies.

Stay away from evil as much as possible, but for sure don’t highlight it. Embrace it; live it!

We’re called to be in the world and not of it.

I’m not afraid of worldly things. I’m here, in it, enjoying life and praising the Lord for the blessings of home, work, church, leisure, family, and business. But if I have to pick, I want to do my best to keep my mind on heavenly things (Col. 3). I want to be as innocent as a baby when it comes to evil.

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