One small key to hiring church staff

“A person does what he enjoys doing, not necessarily what a job description says, so find the person who enjoys doing what you need done.”

When hiring church staff, pinpoint with laser focus what you need to have done.  Write it down to clarify it.  Prune it to be realistic.  Then, you begin the work of finding the right person for the job.

It may be there is someone on your team who can be released from their current duties (or some of them) and assigned to new task because they are gifted in that role and enjoy it.  Then, you could go about hiring someone to fill the gap of the duties left by that person. Don’t add duties without extra compensation or official help.

This concept works for both the paid staff person and the volunteer one.  If you can find the person who was created for doing what you need done, then you have a win win situation!

What would the role be?  Have you written it out?  Are you making plans toward that end?  Are you praying for someone who might be able to step into that role?


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