One Encounter; One Example.

276410722_640Acts 8:26-40 (The Message)

I re-read the story of the Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch from Acts 8 in The Message Bible.  The number of ways that God uses to invite people to himself are astounding.  Every way is different.  The same is true with the number of different ways that God uses His people to do the sharing, the inviting and the calling.

There were five distinct steps in this story.

1)  Philip was sensitive to God’s spirit and went to the desolate road.

2)  Philip met the eunuch where he was – ran along side the chariot and upon hearing him reading, jumped in.

3)  Philip asked questions – do you understand what you are reading? He used the open door to preach Jesus.

4)  They stopped to get baptized immediately.

5)  Philip was taken away, to the next place. And the Ethiopian went on his way happy.

This encounter is unique, as are all encounters when lives are becoming transformed in the power of Jesus.

We may be called today to be the one who:

1) Is prayerfully anticipating opportunities to minister to those around us who don’t know the Lord.

2) Goes to where the people are,  pursuing and traveling with them on their journeys.

3) Asks the right questions more than trying to say the right things.

4) Take action when someone begins to experience God’s saving power!

5)  Be ready for what God has in store next – never become content / complacent with what has been done.

There are countless ways that God uses people to change our lives.  Who comes to your mind in your own conversion story?  Who comes to your mind that may consider you as part of theirs?


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