New Goals, New Attitude

Goals have a way of helping us create a positive attitude in life. They renew our sense of doing something big and challenge us – even if we don’t set the goals ourselves.

The Bible speaks to the idea of a renewed mind, calling us to set our mind on things above and not get stuck in everyday stuff. It’s all too easy for me to get stuck in the everyday stuff. I forget that God is renewing my mind, the future is bright, and I have many things for which to be thankful.

One simple way to stay motivated in this renewing of our minds is to seek God’s Word each day. God’s word motivates us to keep moving forward toward the ultimate goal of living a life for Christ.

Someone told the story of a salesman who submitted his resume touting 25 years of experience. After the executive looked over his past, which had little growth, he said, “No, you’ve had one year experience repeated 25 times!”

New goals have power

New goals can pull us from the mundane and comfortable. They have the power to:

  • Stretch Us
  • Keep Us Focused
  • Give Us Purpose
  • Challenge Our Minds
  • Change Our Attitudes

How do goals change our attitudes: New, challenging goals:

  1. Get us up and going,
  2. Help us use our time more wisely
  3. Give us a sense of purpose
  4. Keep us from trifling away the days

Our attitude gets a huge boost when we have worked hard on something and accomplished it. We’re happier and more content. We’re also motivated to jump into another new goal or project; we have momentum!

What new goals are you setting?

What goals do you have in mind today? What new goals have come to you during the pandemic? What do you need to begin?

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