My Policy Is Simply, Go Ahead.

Here are some thoughts from Colossians 2:6-10.

Paul’s had a few reasons to write to this church who was dealing with heresy in teaching:

1) That the church may be encouraged.

2)  That they may have the full riches of understanding

3)  That they may know the mystery of God

4)  That they won’t be taken by some flight by night operation or person telling them lies.  That they wouldn’t be on a wild goose chase looking for the truth.

Then he gets to his message for them: You have received Christ. Now LIVE in him! (Col. 2:6) In the Message Bible he says, “My counsel for you is simple and straight forward! – live in him!

As soon as I read that I thought back to one of my favorite sayings from my freshman English teacher, Mr. Hasenstab.  It’s a saying I have used many times since…

During the first day, after he had given the rules for mannerly conduct, one student asked, “What about chewing gum in class?”

Mr. Hasenstab, blinked, looked down and thought for a second, then said, “My policy on chewing gum is simply, Go Ahead.”  I may have been the only one laughing – but I thought it was a hilarious answer.

It wasn’t really a policy, it was an encouragement. It was the say-so, the word, the final answer to our question – just go ahead and chew gum. if you wish.

Back to this New Testament letter, Paul says, “My policy is simply go ahead with what you have been given.  Don’t just stop with knowing about Jesus – live in him!  Be rooted in him!  Make it your life!”


What does it mean to live in Him?

  • As verse 6 says, we already know him, just as we received him.
  • Both of these things are done through faith – receiving Jesus and living in Jesus.
  • Living in him means that we are alive in Christ in and through each and every task and opportunity we are given. We keep seeking Jesus.


To Be Rooted In Him

  • Draw our strength from him
  • Like a tree planted by the water… the roots go deep and nourishment causes the tree to live and flourish.
  • Some might say, I do know him, but to live in him and be rooted in him?  To change my life that drastically after all these years?  Will it be worth it?  If I was going to do it, I should have done it long ago.  Reminds of the little saying – the best time to plant an oak tree was 25 years ago.  The second best time is now.


To Be Built Up In Him

  • Continually growing in his likeness
  • Not just a question of “How are you spiritually?” but “Are you growing in your love for God and others each day?”
  • Continually being trained and equipped with his teachings, attitudes and desires, so that you are growing in his likeness.


Stop just talking about it, thinking about it and studying about it and start living it! And let your living spill over into thanksgiving. (Col. 2:7)

What an awesome line of promise in Scripture. That while you’re living in Him, thankfulness abounds.  Thankful people are so pleasant.  They understand that they are alive because of the grace they have been given.  It’s not just that we’re alive – the breathing and walking around portion of life (though that’s important), it’s the aliveness in our hearts, minds and souls! An alive and awakened life, living in Him!


For some odd reason, I once watched a golfing moving called The Legend of Bagger Vance, One of the lines that stuck with me from that old movie is when Bagger told Junah, “Golf isn’t it a game you win, it’s a game you play.” 

The same thing might be said of the Christian’s life. We keep our eye on the prize, but being a Christian isn’t just about heaven, it’s about living in Jesus now.

How will you live in Him today?

My policy is simply this – just as you received Christ, go ahead and live in him.

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