Ministry Leaders: Do Something “New” This Fall (Here Are 52 Ideas)

new407Fall is a natural break point for ministry in churches.  It’s a great time to kick start ministries and other programming. It’s a great time for invitation and developing new leaders.  There’s really not another built-in season like it in church ministry.

Pastors and leaders should capitalize on something “new” this fall. People are attracted to new. It’s energizing, enlivening and exciting.  Don’t be afraid of something new!  Indeed it’s what Jesus was all about – new life, new hope, and new mercies.  To this day, the power of His Spirit continues to make all things new.  The church and church leaders should not fear taking a risk to offer something new.

Here’s something interesting about new – it’s not new forever.  Have you ever been in a church that met in the “new” sanctuary, which was built 25 years ago? Or have the new fellowship hall – that is now 40 years old?  We have to keep doing new things, trying new methods and risking new endeavors. We keep preaching and proclaiming this amazing story of God’s grace and salvation through Jesus, but we take risks, seeking to make it relevant and attractive for those who have not yet experienced it.

If you try something new this fall, and it doesn’t work out for the long haul, just let it fade away and keep doing the basics well!  Launch to the best of your ability, make it as sustainable as possible, partner with others so you’re not doing it alone and pick two or three things (not 52 new things at once) to make new again.

Ministry is hard, but it can also be fun.  Try something new this fall.  Here are 52 ideas for you:

  1. new way to greet newcomers
  2. new ministry roles for members
  3. new outreach event
  4. new website / publicity design
  5. new Sunday morning worship service
  6. new process for leading
  7. new newsletter format
  8. new recreation opportunity
  9. new small groups or Bible studies
  10. new ways to involve new members
  11. new meeting time to develop leaders in the church
  12. new banners in the sanctuary
  13. new commitment to keep Sundays a sabbath with no meetings or ministries other than worship
  14. new songs
  15. new ways to accomplish volunteer appreciation
  16. new ways of training leaders
  17. new ways to electronically sign up
  18. new ways to give
  19. new sermon series
  20. new articles and writings from the pastor about church vision and purpose
  21. new community building opportunities for church staff
  22. new opportunities for your church to engage in mission
  23. new tangible mission giving opportunities
  24. new opportunities for corporate prayer
  25. new process for follow up with guests
  26. new landscaping around the church building grounds
  27. new signs in front of the church building and around town
  28. new ways to reach out to the community
  29. new Sunday welcome plan starting in the parking lot
  30. new worship order
  31. new staff position
  32. new way of opening worship each weekend
  33. new words to describe the mission of your church
  34. new outreach to children
  35. new “big” Sundays
  36. new fellowship opportunities for seniors
  37. new ministry to the community
  38. new processes for inviting guests and neighbors – new invitation cards, new tips and ideas
  39. new job descriptions for volunteer roles in church
  40. new instruments in the sanctuary and used in worship
  41. new advertisement in the community and area publications
  42. new bulletin boards and communication around the building
  43. new decorations in the gathering area
  44. new paint in the bathrooms
  45. new organization and cleanliness in the church offices
  46. new video of your church
  47. new guest musicians and concerts
  48. new campus
  49. new chairs or tables
  50. new church social media push
  51. new systems for a better schedule and flow for the church office during the ministry week
  52. new delegation of ministry tasks and responsibilities

What sparks your thinking?  What are some other ideas?  What will you try this fall?



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