The Amazing Principle Of Learn And Return

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Recently I’ve been hearing about the concept of “learn and return.”

This great concept helps you:

1) raise up leadership

2) raise the level of effectiveness in your organization

3) raise your level of articulation about what you are doing

If we share what we are learning, it opens up the possibility for others to grow.  That’s important as a leader motivates her staff or mentors a new leader.

Think of it as a song.  Once a musician learns a song, he is able to share it with whomever he wants to.  Both he and the hearer are inspired.  It wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the musician learns the song but never sings it!

When a leader learns something and then returns it to the kingdom, the effectiveness of many ministries goes up.   You have probably already been a recipient of this principle.  Another church has experienced something and has shared it.  You then take the concept, make it your own, and then use it to grow the ministry in your part of the world.  And you can then share it.

When you share what you are learning, it forces you to articulate it in a way that is helpful for people.  Packaging those lessons in quick, easy-to-grasp bites, helps you, it helps your people and it helps others who will hear it secondhand.

What have you learned lately?  What is something you have experienced in your church or ministry that might be helpful to others?  Who are you meeting within your ministry?

If I was going to learn and return something today, it would be the concept of a personal mission statement.  I have found this helpful over the last few weeks.  When I first read about it, it sounded a little goofy.  But, as I began reflecting, the Bible is full of personal mission statements.  One example is “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” There are many other examples as well.  A personal mission statement reminds you each day of what is important.  It helps you calibrate where and how you will spend your time. It creates a sense of urgency for doing and being what God has called you to be.  Of course, it’s not Scripture.  It can be changed and tweaked for different seasons in life.  But so far, it’s been helpful to me.  There are countless websites that help a person create a personal mission statement.

What have you learned that you can return to the kingdom today?


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