Highlighted Blog Posts From The Year

For 2017, approximately 110 new posts were posted on timpriceblog.com.  We crossed the line of 1,000 total posts this year. The blog is divided into four sections centered around ministry leaders and the local church:  Pastors, Worship, Students and Kids.  Additionally, I occasionally like to share information on parenting, jokes, and other things I’m learning.

Here are a few highlights from 2017:







Ten Practical Ways To Take Your Ministry To The Next Level

Is Your Church In A Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?

How To Share A Vision For Your Ministry

Why Enthusiasm Is Important For Church Leaders

How “Lead Measures” Can Help Every Pastor

Seven Ways Effective Pastors Motivate








How To Set Your Worship Ministry Team Up For Success Each Week

Seven Ways To Watch For New Worship Leaders

A Solid Worship-Plus Experience (Helping Unchurched Connect)

Ten Things The Worship Team Should Do Before The Service

Young Ministry Leaders: Don’t Wait To Give Your Best Effort

Raise Up Worship Leaders (With These Two Simple Concepts)

Worship Leader Confidence: How Do We Get It?







About Men In Student Ministry Leadership

Equip Your Student Ministry Team Leaders This Year

Seven Tips For Student Ministry Volunteers

Youth Ministry May Be Hard, But It’s Not Difficult

Four Tips For The Overwhelmed Youth Worker

The Real Power of Ministry Programs







Invite Kids To Follow Christ

Eight Ways To Effectively Reach “Church Kids”

Are You Raising Family-Centered Or Child-Centered Kids?

7 Tips For Helping Children Memorize Scripture

Seven Ways To Deal With Sporadic Children’s Ministry Attendance

Effective Church Staff Leaders Appreciate Their Volunteers (Here Are 15 Ideas)







These Parenting Proverbs Help Raise Disciplined Children

Five Tips For Purposefully Parenting Your Middle Schooler

One Key For A Joyful Home: Warm Farewells and Greetings

Home and Ministry are Friends not Enemies







When I Write & What I Write

12 Things You Need To Know About Your Words

A Better Word For The Rat Race

Four Excuses That Could Keep Us Spiritually Immature

Courtesy Costs Nothing But Can Change Everything

Integrity 101




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Each year I post a list of 20 books I’ve read and a little something I learned from each one. Take a look at the list for 2017 here! 

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