Health Of Your Church Is Tied To The Health Of Your Groups

The health of your church is directly tied to the health of the groups that make up the church.

For example, if the church leadership board is growing in community, earnestly praying during each meeting and moving forward together with a vision, the church will automatically sense a unified spirit.

As a negative example, if the church staff seems to have some interpersonal issues, it will come to light and create dysfunction quickly.

The health of small groups, task teams, ministry teams, women’s and men’s groups, student ministry, children’s ministry, church staff, mission teams is what creates a healthy church overall.

One great exercise is to make a list of all the groups you can think of in your church. Then add a name by each group as the contact / leader / spokesperson for the group.

  • Begin praying for these leaders and the groups.
  • Send encouragement to those groups, thanking them for their work and ministry in the life of the church.
  • Celebrate the ministry and work of these groups anytime you can.
  • Encourage them to pray together as a group each time they meet.
  • Encourage your groups – classes, Bible Studies, small groups, etc – to be inviting others in.
  • Share this quote with them:  “Health Of Your Church Is Tied To The Health Of Your Groups.”
  • Invite them to share with you their sense of the overall current health of their group or the church.

As we seek to grow the spiritual and relational health in our groups and ministry teams, the overall spiritual temperature will raise in the entire church.

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