Four Habits of Effective Student Ministry Leaders

Here are a few things that student ministry leaders need to make part of their lives in order to have thriving and healthy ministries:

Prayer (March 11:24, Jeremiah 33:3) – Prayer is our lifeline.  We need to pray to sense God’s leading in our lives and wisdom as we serve his church. We need to pray for our students and for the church we serve.  Don’t go before the students on behalf of God until you have gone to God on behalf of the students.

Constantly Develop Your Team (Acts 11:25)  – Not just getting volunteers, but nurturing people, pushing them to their greatest potential.  Always have something in mind for the person that wants to serve and partner with you.

Expect More from the Students. (1 Timothy 1:7) – There is a direct correlation between students’ behaviors and our expectations of them.

Cast Vision and Plan (Prov 29:18) – Vision is helping your ministry leaders and your students see where they need to be and planning ahead so that everyone is able to move in that direction enthusiastically.  It’s a very loving act to plan ahead.  And without vision, the people wither.


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