God has more in mind

IMG_8554.jpgIMG_8554.jpgIMG_8554.jpgflowerI am often thinking of the how to’s for ministry.  In my role of serving in the church, I get asked lots of how-to questions.  Thinking of systems, setting up events, putting together a worship service and getting people there are the some of the things that happen pretty naturally for me.

Recently I ran across this little quip in a book:

“God spoke to a well-known minister one time and said, “I’ve seen your ministry; do you want to see Mine?” – How to Believe: Restoring Passion in Worship, Tenney

I know it’s possible to become so consumed with ministry work that it become a distraction from God’s real purpose.  His purpose is communion and relationship with people.  And out of that relationship comes power and change and blessing.

God has more in mind.  And to seek the plan or the “more” might make some difference but not near the difference that seeking God will make in our lives.  Through our relationship with God, he will lead us in the ministry.

So, my prayer today is simple:  Lord, I want you.  I give you my worship and my praise.  I set you before ministry and anything I think I’ve done.  And my prayer isn’t for more success or more opportunities, but for deeper communion and relationship.  Restore the simple joy of worship deep in my soul.  Topple the idols in my life – of fear, pride, of self sufficiency and take the throne of my heart.


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