Go For No’s

If you are needing to ask volunteers to help serve or request donations for some event, here’s one great tip: Most people have a goal for how many people say, “yes.” But, if you want to get motivated, have a goal of how many people you want to say, “no” before you quit asking.

When your goal is for a “yes” answer, you become discouraged by the no’s. You also become too confident when you have only received one or two “yes” responses instead of the needed 10 (or whatever the goal is).

I recently read, Go For No! by Fenton and Waltz. This little book basically described the motivation behind being willing to reach out and ask people something with this small tweak in mindset.

A “No” is not only ok, but welcomed! You’re on your way to reach your goal.

For example, let’s say you need five people to help support your project. Instead of your goal being 5 “yes” answers, you should set a goal of 20 “no” answers (if indeed you can effectively have more help/support. By the time you hit your goal of 20 no’s, you will likely have tripled your yeses!

It doesn’t translate to everything, but it’s a fun mindset shift that helps bring some encouragement to your work in volunteer ministry.

No is not only OK, it’s good.

We read all the time about how important it is to say “no” to so much in order to find balance in our lives. So, when we get a “no” answer from someone, we can be thankful for their balance and discipline. And we can even be more thankful that the “yes” answers we get from people will represent true passion, excitement, and support toward whatever it is you’re inviting people to participate in.

Next time you’re recruiting or assembling or inviting, go for the no!

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