Four “I” Words for Team Development

Church staff may be best described as coaches – helping the church be their best in ministry and in witness. Most every ministry role comes with the team leadership territory. One of the best ways to replicate ourselves is to develop a solid team and move them forward together in the mission!  This can be small teams, a department, a project or an ongoing leadership for your area of ministry. Whether you are serving in local church pastoral leadership, worship ministry or next-gen ministry, these four little “I” words can help develop those around you!

Invite – Invite them into your life by inviting them to a) be on your team b) to take a deeper role in your team.  Whatever you are trying to achieve, working together with someone will help make it more creative, more powerful and more sustaining.  Personal invitation really is the key to making this happen. Invite new team members, but also invite current team members to move to greater levels of leadership and service.

Inspire Your team will respond to stories, experiences and a vision that you share from your depths.  Momentum will be created if you can continue to inspire your group to press on in your purpose.  Inspiring can be done by writing, one on one conversation, and by sharing in a large group.  Keep the great things your team has done and is doing on the front burner. Give them opportunities to see and hear great stuff through shared experiences and shared memories.  Help your team grow together both on the “job” and off.

Inform – Teams work best if they are all in the loop.  Each job is important and each person’s role is needed for the team to function correctly. When information is given in a timely manner, a person is much more likely to succeed and feel their contribution matters and is valued.  Depending on the type of team you are leading, there are a million ways to keep people informed.  Pick the 5 or 6 ways that you can inform your group and stay consistent, timely and accurate. Keep your team informed by giving them access to you. Respond to texts and emails and let them know you’re available.

Invest – There is a direct correlation between your effectiveness, your fulfillment and impact and your personal investment in your team. You can invest in your team by building good ole’ fashioned relationships.  Send notes and offer words of encouragement.  Make the greetings and goodbyes an important part of each meeting.  Sharpen each others effectiveness in a loving manner.  Remember dates, names, birthdays, and other details.   Invest in the friendship and partnership of you and your team just because you want to.


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