Five Days To A Better Thought Life

I loved reading Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution To Overthinking by Jon Acuff. I still highly recommend the book to everyone. One premise of his book is that we need to replace negative thoughts with new more positive ones. We have a soundtrack going through our minds. If the song is bad, we need to change it. We need a new song, a new anthem. You can read more about that here.

Today I came across a quip from Norman Vincent Peale that described a something similar – long before Jon Acuff wrote the book (though he may have been inspired by this idea).

Norman Vincent Peale talked about the displacement of a negative thought by substituting a good thought. This can conquer the gloominess that repels great days.

Try out his plan for improving your thought life in five days:

First Day — Think no ill about anybody—only good about everybody.

Second Day — Put the best possible construction, the most favorable interpretation, on the behavior of everybody you encounter or have dealings with.

Third Day — Send out kind thoughts toward every person you contact and pray for every person you think of.

Fourth Day — Think hopefully about everything. Immediately cancel out any discouraging thought that comes to mind.

Fifth Day — Think of God’s presence all day long.

by Norman Vincent Peale

It’s pretty simple. Here’s a quick image you can print if you would like to be reminded of these things.

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