First Summer Event

On our way to the first 2009 summer event at First Baptist in Champaign, IL, we stopped to have dinner with Jackson and Jessica Price. We met at New Horizon. Jackson was a part of Harvest from the very beginning and still is on occasion. Jessica, his wife, was also on a team in 2001. Also joining us for dinner was Grant Thomas. He was a huge part of the ministry for three or four years both as a guitar player and a team leader. Tom Noble and Heather came over – we had fun spending the weekend at their church. It’s also interesting to note that two other people who have been heavily involved in the ministry also live in Champaign – Jeremiah Cox and Dave Plemmons. They weren’t able to join us Saturday night, but it’s fun to know so many folks in the area!

What a great start to summer… Thanks Jackson, Jessica and Emma.

Harvest Team in Champaign
Harvest Team in Champaign

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