Don’t Forget: It’s God’s Church

I read a quote in Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle where Pope John Paul XXIII used to pray this prayer each night: ” I’ve done everything I can today for your church. But it’s Your church, and I’m going to bed.”

Jesus alone saves. Jesus alone changes lives. And though we are instruments, vessels and stewards of this marvelous hope and grace, it’s only by God’s power.

But I’m afraid it’s all too easy to get to a place of thinking it all rests on us. The needs are endless. The possibilities of helping people is never ending. The to-do list for a ministry leader is literally never finished.

Thankfully, the church is God’s. God owns the church.

Here are some ways that you can remind yourself that God is in control:

Take A Sabbath

The Sabbath is for us. It’s not only to refuel, but to remind ourselves we can take a day and the world, the ministry, the church will still function.

Take A Nap

We make the worst decisions when we’re tired. We don’t think compassionately when we’re spent. You’re in it for the long haul, so a brief break may be just what you need.

Be Authentic

You can’t be two places at once. You can’t be there for everyone. People will understand when you have to say “no” and saying it quickly is the best way to go. Authenticity is living your life the best you know how, not trying to be all things to everyone and then trusting that God will use the little you can bring.

Say I’m Sorry

You’re going to make mistakes. Saying I’m sorry when we are at fault reminds us that only God is perfect. It also help us join together with other in living a selfless life – trusting that God is working something beautiful in us.  Peace in your relationships is important.

Build It In To Your Language

Remind people as often as you can this is God’s church.  We are stewards.  We are joining Him in this work. But in the end, after were’ long gone, God’s word and His church will still be going strong. It’s forever.

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