Compel Your Followers In Three Important Ways

As leaders, we imagine a bright future in our organization, church, or ministry.

Does your ministry feel like it is sinking? Are you struggling to gain momentum or clarity? Now is the time to dream and think about a more stable and effective plan. You need to grow in your vision for a bright future.

Even when your ministry is healthy, vibrant, and strong, you must plan and dream about creative ways to accomplish the mission and do things well.

In his book Unusually Excellent, John Hamm suggests three things that will compel your followers to take action, get behind you, and join you in the work of being the church.

  1. Followers are compelled by a cause. Leaders must paint a picture for those they wish to lead – a vision of what winning will look like, and how participants can contribute their talents to pursue that vision.
  2. Followers are compelled by leaders. No one will sacrifice for a project if the leader hasn’t made a full, clear, and public commitment to the cause. The best leaders are compelling to others because they have a deep, burning commitment that they can articulate in a way that makes others want to be part of the idea.
  3. Followers are compelled by a “team.” We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves while working with others.

Be committed to winning. Don’t get stuck thinking your people don’t care; or don’t want to grow and be effective in their mission.

Help to compel your people: Share the cause; prove you’re sold out for it, and enlist a group to join you in making it happen.

Here’s a link to this 2011 book, Unusually Excellent, by John Hamm.

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