Coming & Going

home_blessingWe have a scripture verse that hangs over our front door:

The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.  – Ps 121:8

Over the last year, there has been lots of coming and going in our house.  We have spent several evenings saying good bye to people as they left our home after a visit.  We have propped the door open as we have carried luggage out to pack for trips, events and vacations.  We have heard the door bell ring and have welcomed people in.  We have gone out to take walks.  We have left each morning for work, school, outings, trips, classes, shopping, lessons and many other reasons.

And for every time we leave, there’s a coming back.  We’ve stepped through the door after experiencing some great stuff.  We come through after having been through some tough times.  We’ve landed at home after many busy evenings in a row of commitments and full schedules.  It’s a blessing to be at home.  Not only is the Lord watching over us as we travel, leave, and go, but he is blessing our home with peace and gratitude as we are here.

Every new day holds a certain level of uncertainty.  It’s unpredictable.  But, the Lord will watch over our coming and going both now and forever.

Taking it even deeper, the Lord is watching over our lives – our coming into this world and our going out.  From birth through old age, I’m counting on God and his faithfulness.  For me, for my wife and for our children.

No matter where we are in life, Psalm 121 gives us peace – God is watching over us.


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