Nine Characterstics of Love…

Here are nine characteristics of love!  Apply these characteristics and they can make your home happy.  They can make marriages more fun.  They can cheer up your church.  They can help your kid’s lives turn out better.  They can create powerful outcomes in the work place.  They can literally change the world.  This little gem … Read more

Focus Your Youth Ministry, Widen the Impact

Here’s a reminder for three important things to focus on in your ministry to students!  Helpful Holy Teaching—Teaching can come in lots of forms, but it must be something that will help students.  Chart your course for the next few months of the New Year.  Seek the Lord’s direction of what the students in your … Read more

Perpetually Partially Connected

A large percentage of Americans are Perpetually Partially Connected.  Though it seems like we are connected to a greater extent, we are never fully engaging in one aspect of life.  We look at our phone while we are eating dinner, we answer the phone in middle of any face to face conversation, we think about … Read more

9 Ways to Grow Community with your Staff

I have been a part of church staff that had three people, a staff that had over 40 people and a staff somewhere in between. Community among staff is an important ingredient to keep a church or any organization moving forward.  The staff needs to model community, they need to practice community and they need to … Read more

Ideas for Ministry Events

One of the primary purposes for the existence of Harvest Ministry Teams is to be a resource to the church.  We have served in several styles of events and here are some samples of the schedules / ministries.  We would love to partner with you and help in any way this year.  If you would … Read more

New Year Planning for Student Ministry

The week between Christmas and New Year is a good time to take a look at next year. To start with, I usually print off a monthly calendar.  Make sure your calendar begins with Sunday (I want to start a personal revolution again calendars that begin on Monday).  When you find you have an extra … Read more