Nine Characterstics of Love…

Here are nine characteristics of love!  Apply these characteristics and they can make your home happy.  They can make marriages more fun.  They can cheer up your church.  They can help your kid’s lives turn out better.  They can create powerful outcomes in the work place.  They can literally change the world.  This little gem … Read more

We Love You, Tim!

I opened my inbox and there it was – a message from Vista Print: “We Love You, Tim!” I thought it was hilarious; an online printing place sending me such a personal note. Though I thought it was funny, it made me think about the communication we send to people. Is the church that bold? … Read more

Square Dancin’

The last time I was at a square dance was sixth grade until last night.  The camp we were at had one and everyone participated.  It started with simple group circle dances and then began to get more complicated.  Ruby loved it.  Suzanne loved it. And I loved it until Macy got startled by one … Read more

Bread on the Cross

We led worship for a weekend family camp that concluded in communion during the last service.  Each person was invited to come as the pastors placed the bread into their hands. The Harvest projector and computer were set up displaying the large cross that we have used as a standard picture since 2002.  As I … Read more


At a recent seminar I attended, the speaker talked about three reasons why volunteers are connected in a ministry role:  1)      Obligation 2)      Opportunity 3)      Ownership   The thought was intriguing to me.  Obligation isn’t bad.  In fact, the reason we are in ministry is because we are so grateful for Christ and what he … Read more


What is your contentment level?  A group of us have been meeting after worship on Sundays at our church and yesterday was a great lesson. Somewhere in the conversation, Paula Polfliet (one of the leaders), mentioned that we need to “bring contentment into our home.”  I had never heard it phrased quite like that before.  … Read more

Home Blessing

I found a little slip of paper as I was cleaning my desk.  It was a note I made from someplace and I didn’t even write down from where.  It’s called the “Home Blessing”.   Too good to just stick in another pile, I decided to type it out for you:    HOME BLESSING Crown … Read more

Drive Through Blessing

She walked up to the window and stood there waiting for me to roll it down. I was surprised to see her right next to our van.  We were somewhere outside of Chicago, pulling in for supper at an A&W KFC combo restaurant.  It was nestled between two truck stops and we realized how small the parking … Read more