How can you increase momentum? Discipline yourself to finish each job 100%. I’ve been reading Time Power by Brian Tracy. Here’s one practical suggestion from his book: Always put things away. Finish each job or task completely. Finishing a task is rewarding. In fact, having determined finish lines gives a sense of progress in roles … Read more

9 Proven Ways To Get A New Idea

New ideas are great.  They are the seed to possibilities.  If you have 50 new thoughts or ideas this year and say, only 12 of them come together and pan out to something – that’s one amazing possibility a month! So, begin practicing getting new ideas!  Here are nine proven ways to get started: 1) Assessment of your life … Read more

Why Friendships With Ministry Leaders are Important

It’s important for ministry leaders to be connected with others … especially other ministry leaders. Connections and networking happen in almost all jobs and industries; sharing similar work experiences builds a sense of camaraderie. Christians, especially Christian leaders, should lead the way in making those connections as friendships are important at all levels. Here are … Read more