Words from Ryan Kennett

It was a cold rainy morning in the summer of 1996.  The baseball team I was a part of traveled nearly 5 hours to Moline, IL only to get pummeled in a weekend double header.  What a drag.  As I’ve heard Tim say dozens of times, “It was sick.” Back then I had been playing … Read more

 On Friday night, Josh Eastin and I went to lead music for the Kaskaskia River District Picnic for the pastors.  It was a really neat evening hosted at Epworth Camp.  The food was delicious and the music turned out good.  There were a handful of camp kids there and somehow, Josh wound up leading Banana’s … Read more

Freezing Cold…

On a visit to beautiful Lake Michigan, we walked out onto the pier. We took a few pictures, talked about how big the lake was and just stood around. Our group, along with Mark, the bass player at CrossWind Chuch, even talked about how sometimes people get hurt jumping from the pier. As we faced … Read more

Drive Through Blessing

She walked up to the window and stood there waiting for me to roll it down. I was surprised to see her right next to our van.  We were somewhere outside of Chicago, pulling in for supper at an A&W KFC combo restaurant.  It was nestled between two truck stops and we realized how small the parking … Read more


The 2009 Harvest Team led music for Beulah Bible Camp.  The team consisted of Bonnie Pocklington, Daniel Styles, Zak Stoldt, Israel Hillary, Abbie Aymer and Justin Aymer.  It was fun to connect with them following the week and hearing stories from the ministry.  Pictured here, they were just returning to Troy, IL having some watermelon. … Read more

Green Lake, WI

I had a great time leading at the Green Lake Family Life Conference last week.  Suzanne, Ruby and I were there for the week.  I led music for the family camp each morning and evening and also had the privilege of teaching the college track.  Pictured here is the college group doing some of the … Read more

So I Send You…

As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you… John 20:21 Jesus’ words make me think about the power of the summer ministry.  As he was sent, so we are being sent.  We seek to model the way Jesus worked in the world.  Though he was in churches, he didn’t stay there all the … Read more

Suzanne & Ruby

Ruby and I have had such a fun summer.  We have only been with Tim for about half the time since he left, sad for us, but we are looking foward to the first three weeks of July!   The past few weeks, we have buzzing around everywhere.  We drove to Louisville and spent two days … Read more

Jesus uses music

We have been getting to know lots of people.  Most of all we have been sharing the love of Jesus with teens and children.  In one instance, the music was able to minister to the students during at altar call.  One boy told me that his heart was changed through the song, which is an … Read more

The Yard

Last night I got home and our yard had been mowed.  After being away for about 15 days, I was glad that the grass wasn’t too high. Suzanne and I were extremely grateful.  Our neighbor has taken care of our yard each summer we have lived there.  He just gets on his riding mower and “knocks … Read more