Being Bored Is An Insult To God

“To say we are bored at any moment in our lives is a massive insult to God.”

Matthew Kelley, Resisting Happiness

Boredom is really a manifestation of selfishness. It only comes about when we are overly focused on ourselves. We wonder what “else” there is. We don’t feel fulfilled. We find nothing in our surrounding circumstance interesting because we’re numb to it.

If we’re bored, we have probably set both God and others to the side and allowed own lives – issues, situations, and thoughts – to become front and center.

Over the years, I’ve heard lots of parents get upset about their kids saying “they’re bored.” Many of today’s parents wish they had half of what their kids had and their lives could have gone any number of amazing directions. Yet, amongst all the gadgets, time savers, television channels, groups, activities, toys and opportunities, our kids often find themselves saying, “I’m bored,” or “This is boring.”

I’ve never heard it put quite like Mr. Kelley puts it in his book, Resisting Happiness. To say you’re bored is a massive insult to God.

God created us with an innate curiosity. We have the ultimate gift of creativity and creation within us. We have a world of people to listen to, learn from and seek to serve with the love of Christ. There are countless ways you can help people – right in your own community.

Each one of us has God-given gifts that need to be developed and explored. This could take a lifetime even if we used every moment of every day.

There are books to be read, not the least of which is the Bible, the timeless, Holy scripture that teaches us something every single time we lay our eyes on it or hear it spoken.

There is work to accomplish – most often too much! There are Sabbath days created to rest and rest is an important activity and rhythm in life.

Maybe that’s part of it. We’ve lost the balance of work then rest. And when we finally get to the Sabbath rest part, after a frenzied pace (even in the youngest of us, sadly), the screeching halt causes us to think there’s nothing to do and we become bored.


Determine not to be bored. Decide today, no matter your age, to grow beyond only thinking about ourselves. Serve someone. Check-in on a family member or friend. Read. Take time for family. Work hard at work and play hard at home. Learn something new. Listen well while others speak. Take your creativity up a notch.

Do anything but say you’re bored.

Being bored at any moment of your life is a massive insult to God.

Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness is a great, quick book to read!

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