Ideas for Ministry Events

One of the primary purposes for the existence of Harvest Ministry Teams is to be a resource to the church.  We have served in several styles of events and here are some samples of the schedules / ministries.  We would love to partner with you and help in any way this year.  If you would … Read more

New Year Planning for Student Ministry

The week between Christmas and New Year is a good time to take a look at next year. To start with, I usually print off a monthly calendar.  Make sure your calendar begins with Sunday (I want to start a personal revolution again calendars that begin on Monday).  When you find you have an extra … Read more

Notice, Nurture, Develop & Deploy – Part II

Nurturing is the act of caring for the well being of someone.  As Christians and leaders, we, of course, care for God’s people.  But again, this little four part plan is specifically geared toward those who have a call, instincts and giftedness toward full time, all out ministry roles.  The nurturing step is something that … Read more

We Love You, Tim!

I opened my inbox and there it was – a message from Vista Print: “We Love You, Tim!” I thought it was hilarious; an online printing place sending me such a personal note. Though I thought it was funny, it made me think about the communication we send to people. Is the church that bold? … Read more

Notice, Nurture, Develop & Deploy – Part I

“Notice, Nurture, Develop and Deploy” is a one sentence plan for the multiplication of ministry leaders.  Taking notice of something or someone is more than seeing them.  It’s observing them, taking note of them, giving them full attention.  The gift of noticing when someone arrives, walks into a room, or leaves you a message is … Read more

Remote Digging

We were excited to use the Gateway Grizzlies tickets Ruby earned though the library summer reading program. At the end of the baseball game, all men who were interested, were invited to take a chance and dig for the remote to a new 52 inch plasma flat screen TV.  The remote was buried somewhere in … Read more

And Singing Broke Out …

Joan has been going to lead music for a nursing home in Aliceville, AL every morning for twelve years. We had the opportunity to travel with this lady to provide music last week.       On this particular morning, after we had sung several songs, Joan asked one of the residents who had come down … Read more

Square Dancin’

The last time I was at a square dance was sixth grade until last night.  The camp we were at had one and everyone participated.  It started with simple group circle dances and then began to get more complicated.  Ruby loved it.  Suzanne loved it. And I loved it until Macy got startled by one … Read more

The Waving Cat

I am not sure the official name of this little thing, but it’s something I purchased while we were in Taiwan.  It’s a very common site to see a “waving cat” in businesses, entrances to stores, etc.  It was definately a conversation piece.  Some people say the cat is just welcoming people.  Others say, the … Read more