A Reason To Be Kind and Generous

There is a reason to be kind and generous.

I just read through these verses in Proverbs and I find these promises to be quite interesting:

When you’re kind, you will be rewarded.

When you give freely, you become more wealthy.

When you are generous, you will prosper.

When you refresh others, you will also become refreshed.

Prov. 11: 17, 24-25

It’s a motivation for me today to seek God and pray for the Holy Spirit to keep growing in me kindness, generosity and refreshment toward others.

The opposite of these promises is also motivating.

If we’re not kind, we’re destroyed. If we’re stingy, we lose it all.

Prov. 11:17, 24

Be kind and generous today. And do your best to refresh others. You not only will be a witness to your faith in Christ and following the Word, you will also be adding much richness to your own life – an oxymoron in some ways, but a powerful truth nonetheless.

Your kindness will reward you,
    but your cruelty will destroy you. Prov. 11:!7

Give freely and become more wealthy;
    be stingy and lose everything. Prov. 11:24

The generous will prosper;
    those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Prov. 11:25

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