5 Lines of Life from Luke

Here are a few lines from reading this morning.

The kingdom of God doesn’t come with your careful observation, the kingdom of God is in you.  (17:20-12)

A woman kept coming with her plea, and the unjust judge eventually settled her matter.  How much more will the just judge hear our cries? (18:6)

The guy that thought he was upright wasn’t the guy that won God’s heart.  The one who captures God’s heart is the one who cries out in total desperation. (18:13)

The disciples thought that Jesus wouldn’t want to spend time with children; Jesus not only did, but made them the example of how to receive the kingdom of God – become like them. (18:15)

Before the miracle was done, Jesus asks, “What do you want me to do for you?”  Both the cry (prayer) and the answer (miracles) are signals of faith. (18:42)

The summary of my reading this morning is that the one who cries out to God is the one that God is working with.  In each case, it was the person who was desperately pleading.


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