15 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

encourge your pastorsm

Every Christian needs a pastor. And though many others don’t know it, they need a pastor too.  The work of a pastor isn’t easy or simple.  It requires time, energy, mental toughness, compassion, knowledge, balance, humility and highly competent skill.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with your pastor can make all the difference.  Here are 15 ways to encourage your pastor…

1. Pray for your pastor.
2. Give specific feedback after sermons.
3. Send a gift card for a meal.
4. Begin tithing or increase your giving.
5. Offer to help.
6. Send an encouraging email.
7. Invite someone to church and let your pastor know.
8. Let your pastor know when you won’t be there.
9. Challenge your pastor to take time off.
10. Speak highly of your church and pastor.
11. Invite your pastor for lunch or dinner.
12. Volunteer for a role at church.
13. Send your pastor a card.
14. Give your pastor a book (as a gift, don’t necessarily expect them to read it immediately).
15. Attend worship.

How will you encourage your pastor today?

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