12 Things You Need To Know About Your Words


We say a bunch of them each day.

In fact, the average American English speaker engaged in a friendly conversation speaks at a rate of approximately 110–150 words per minute.

On average, we say about 17,000 words per day.

For 12 straight weeks of my life I didn’t say much of anything due to some vocal chord issues and ultimately surgery. Until you experience it, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to not use words.

For most of us, words just come pouring out of our mouths. Day in and day out.

Today I read Proverbs 15. I was struck by the focus on words, the power of them, and the practical advice it gives.

Here’s a simple list of 12 bits of scriptural advice about your words. Pick one to focus on today.


A Gentle Answer Deflects Anger

In our world, we need more gentle answers. Gentle doesn’t mean passive. Children need firm, yet gentle.  Employees need to know expectations clearly and lovingly. Gentle words deflect anger.

The Tongue Of The Wise Makes Knowledge Appealing

It’s so much easier to take instruction when you can tell that the person giving it has lived through it.

Gentle Words Are A Tree Of Life

Gentle words surface as bright spots in the memories of people. You can shape someone’s life through encouraging words.

A Deceitful Tongue Crushes The Spirit

Lies, gossip and hurtful words can truly hurt.

The Lips Of The Wise Give Good Advice

Maybe it’s that wise people know when not to speak.

A Glad Heart Makes A Happy Face

You’ve probably heard the old joke, “if you’re happy and your know it, tell your face.” When our hearts are right with God, we can have a joy that shines, a contentment that is bright, a happiness that is grounded. The words we share with ourselves – in our minds – can almost be read on our faces.

It Is Fitting To Say The Right Thing At The Right Time

I often pray for the right words in a situation.

The Lord Delights In Pure Words

I don’t want to be legalistic about saying “bad words.” But no matter who you are, you have a standard. This verse in Proverbs 15 should be the standard for all Christians.

The Heart Of The Godly Thinks Carefully Before Speaking

Think through your words. Choose them carefully.  They have power to give life and power to kill.

The Mouth Of The Wicked Overflows With Evil Words

Out of mouth flows what is in the heart. The two are inexplicably connected. A person can’t help it.  Be sure to keep your heart centered on Christ. Fight wickedness tooth and nail.

Good News Makes For Good Health

This is why encouragement is so important. You can literally lift the spirits of someone through your words.

You Are Wise When You Listen To Constructive Criticism

It can be painful, but it’s a sign of maturity and wisdom to lovingly take someone’s advice for improvement – especially from those we love and trust.


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