8 Ways to Build a Positive Image of Youth Ministry

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I recently asked the question:  What is the image of your youth ministry? In this post, I want to give some ideas toward building a positive image of youth ministry in your church and community. As a reminder, we don’t want to make something seem good … Continued

9 Q’s To Assess The Image of Your Youth Ministry

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Every ministry or organization has an image. It’s what people think about you.  We don’t just want people to think we’re great and doing well – we want to actually be great and doing well!  In order to create that kind of culture in your … Continued

Older Students Will Lead or Leave

It seems that once a student gets a drivers license, their days in youth group become numbered.  It’s hard to compete with school, part-time jobs, and social lives of a mobile upperclassman. I recently heard it succinctly put this way, … Continued

Habits of Effective Student Ministry Leaders

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Here are a few things that student ministry leaders need to make part of their lives in order to have thriving and healthy ministries: Prayer (March 11:24, Jeremiah 33:3) – Prayer is our lifeline.  We need to pray to sense God’s … Continued