A Sacrificial Worship Team

Can a worship team make a name for itself? This isn’t a trick question. Be aware of the ways that you see yourself defining success for your team. And be aware of how you describe your worship team to others. … Continued

5 Ways Every Worship Leader Should Prepare For Easter

Easter is victory! It’s a day of celebration like no other for the church! For worship leaders, preparation is really important. Here is what you can be working on now: The Schedule Who will be on the team for the … Continued

God’s Detailed Plans For Worship

We’re crossing a bridge at our church in worship planning. Here’s a bit of background: We have four Sunday morning services and two other satellite services where we send lay speakers. Two of the four services on the main campus are … Continued

Sing With People – Not For Them

Leading worship is an incredibly humbling role in the church. It’s more than music, more than being on stage, and more than strategic leadership. In worship, we have an opportunity to meet with God in his presence and give our all in praise … Continued

All About Guitar Capos

If you are a guitar playing worship leader, I’m sure you use a capo.  The one I have used for years is the Kaiser Quick Change Capo. It clamps neatly to the top of the guitar headstock and is always … Continued

Sound Check Protocol For Worship Leaders

  Every worship band has to figure out the sound check in a way that works best for them. Whether you’re a portable church or in a permanent building, worship teams must develop a standardized sound check process to be … Continued

Relational VS. Presentational Worship Leading

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A seven year old, at a church of 100 people or less, can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano for the offering and everyone will love it.  It won’t matter how well she plays or how much … Continued

3 Main Concerns For Newcomers in Worship

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Here are three main concerns for a first time guest in worship. 1)  Facilities.  A newcomer will see things about the facilities that long time church attenders will never notice.  It begins with the impression from the road, the parking, and … Continued

First Time Worship Guests Come With Judgement

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I recently read an article about mystery worshippers who are paid to attend worship and then give a report.  [Read the full Wall Street Journal Report] Here’s a quote that stuck out. “First-time guests, they don’t come with mercy, they come with judgment. They’re … Continued

What Our Kids Praise Band Is Like

During worship this weekend, our church’s youngest praise band led a song.  The 5-8 grade team (comprised of keyboard, bass, drums, percussion, guitar and vocals) lead during the late service at church.  They did a great job. For the past … Continued

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