5 Ways Every Worship Leader Should Prepare For Easter

Easter is victory! It’s a day of celebration like no other for the church! For worship leaders, preparation is really important. Here is what you can be working on now: The Schedule Who will be on the team for the … Continued

Homegrown Worship Leaders

Worship leaders, more than most other church staff roles, seem to come from within.  Not in all churches, but with a higher than pastors, youth pastors, etc;  many worship leaders seem to have attended their church before serving on staff. … Continued

7 Ways Worship Leaders Shape The Church

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Worship leaders are church shapers.  They are, in some ways, the face of the worshipping congregation.  The attenders begin to take on their mode of operation when it comes to the nuts and bolts of worship.  Pastors and other church leaders also help … Continued

Compassion from the Stage

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When Jesus was in front of crowd, he always had compassion on them (Mt. 9:35, 14:13).  As worship leaders we need to have compassion from the stage and here are a few practical thoughts about it: 1. Remember that it’s … Continued

“Step Down” From The Worship Team?

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Stepping down indicates that you were “up there” at one point.  And we don’t really need worship teams to believe that. We don’t need congregations to believe that either.  We need worship teams that are filled with people who have stepped down … Continued