Move Beyond The Ordinary To Generate Leadership

“Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to generate leadership.” – Tribes, Seth Godin Could it be that the reason the church has trouble “generating leadership” is because of ordinary thinking and ordinary effort? Sometimes I think pastors look … Continued

The Importance Of A Vision

Here are seven important aspects of vision. I can’t remember where I found this list, but it’s really encouraging to me! At the end of this list, I have included some other posts I have written about vision. I’m praying … Continued

Get Your Vision from the Clouds to the Calendar

Being a leader at any level requires moving the vision forward every day.  If you don’t intentionally cast the vision and keep it in front, it will be impossible to grow your team, your people and your organization.  You need … Continued

Eight P’s for Achievment

Each summer we publish the Harvest Handbook for our ministry teams who travel to camps, churches and events.  The back of this booklet contains several little thoughts and this is one of them, though, the author is unknown.  Here are the eight … Continued

Get the fire back in your belly!

Regaining vision & momentum. There may come a time when you realize that you have just been coasting.  You still say the right words, you still do the right stuff, but you just don’t have the passion to make a … Continued

The Prerequisite for Healthy and Strong Congregations

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One key component to a healthy congregation is strong systems – strength for the bones.  The skeleton is the structure you have in place so that life can be added! How are the bones held together in your congregation?  What … Continued