A’s In Life

During lunch with a colleague and friend, he recounted the impact a professor had on him. It was in a class where he was falling behind and he emailed the professor. My friend laid out his reasons for getting behind … Continued

Consequences of Un-ordered Time

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I recently came across this in some of my files.  Thought it might be helpful to you.  These are thoughts from a message I heard somewhere along the way. Traits of a disorganized life: 1. Clutter – House, desk, car, … Continued

You’re Going To Disappoint Someone

I heard this statement once: “Ministry leaders, you’re going to disappoint someone, try not to let it be your kids.” There are many ways that ministry work gets put in front of family.  So, it doesn’t seem too bad for it to … Continued

Summer Schedules

Every summer my schedule is pretty full leading music at camps, churches and events.  Through the years, I have talked with youth pastors and other ministry leaders who seem to have just as full of a schedule. In the last few weeks … Continued