Three Negative Messages You Send When You’re Late

How is it that some people are never late and others always are? How can an issue always arise that creates the conditions for being late? There may a few good reasons, but overall, the leader sends some certain messages … Continued

Fatigue is a Vision Killer

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Jesus needed time for rest and so do you. Ministry is not easy and when we become weary it’s difficult to see things clearly. In his book, The Power of Vision, George Barna states: If you have difficultly generating excitement … Continued

Survival Is A Terrible Goal For A Church

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Sometimes, a church will get the idea that God’s vision for their ministry is to maintain what they have before pursuing growth and health. The fact is that “survival” is a terrible goal. Hoping to keep the status quo is … Continued

New Season = New Volunteer Energy (5 Ideas)

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There are certain automatic entry points in the calendar year of ministry and fall is one of the big ones. People are naturally thinking about new routines. The summer has been refreshing, but the fall is a new start. As … Continued

Go For No’s

If you are needing to ask volunteers to help serve or request donations for some event, here’s one great tip: Most people have a goal for how many people say, “yes.” But, if you want to get motivated, have a … Continued

Eight Ways To Think Like A Big Church

There’s not only a mandate for the church to grow, there is a natural desire for most churches and church leaders to want to grow.   There are some people who run around saying, “it’s not about numbers”, and in one … Continued

The Cure For Envy

Envy. We all deal with it. It creeps up when we see someone’s new car, new home or their big vacation. It can overpower church leaders when they see other pastors with more visible ministries. It can happen amongst children … Continued

Five Ways To Stay Healthy

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Your body is similar to a machine. Take a car, for instance. If you don’t put in the right gas or put in really dirty oil, the car will eventually come to a halt. If you are treating your body … Continued

Four Reasons To Keep Backstage Tidy

I’ve seen the backstage of many churches. Some are closets, others are huge areas that incorporate hospitality space, restrooms and production storage. No matter the size or style, a tidy backstage is important. As I recently heard it said, God … Continued

The Sin Of Abandonment

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Most church folks know of King David’s big sins. We hear messages and references in messages all the time. But, after all was said and done, he was still God’s favored, a man after God’s own heart. Solomon was David’s … Continued