Does It Spark Joy?

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It’s been a big deal for a few years now, but I just read Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up.” The basic idea is that home should be a place where we find rest, not a … Continued

You Can’t Sing Over People You Don’t Love

When you’re in ministry, you spend a lot of time working with people. And people aren’t always easy to figure out. Worship leaders, along with pastors, have the unique situation of encountering weekly interactions with the whole church in one … Continued

Four Reasons To Equip Your Church For Active Response In Worship

I’ve been hearing various worship leaders talk about how their congregations don’t seem to open up in worship. Since worship is about the heart, can you really ever say that one person is more worshipful than another? Is the person … Continued

Pray Out Loud For Your Students

I like the prayers King Solomon prayed out loud over his people at the dedication of the new temple in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 6. He praised God humbly. He thanked God for his father and those who had gone before … Continued

Grow The Tree You Have

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Imagine a tree growing in your yard. It’s a magnificent oak tree, one of rare breed and very beautiful. But the owner doesn’t really care for the mighty oak because he wanted some Australian Acacia growing there. The owner dismisses … Continued

Because Worship Leaders Are Shepherds, We Need To…

The worship leader role is less about performing and more about shepherding. We are with our congregations on a weekly basis and though we may not be preaching the message, we are part of the shepherding process that happens in … Continued

Smile When You See Them

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“Smile when you see them…” This simple rule applies to several areas of life. It applies to your spouse. It applies to your kids. It applies to your ministry team. It applies to your coworkers. It applies to your congregation. … Continued

David’s Prayer For His Son

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Christian parents pray for their kids. At various seasons, these prayers range from intentional to consistent, and from sporadic to desperate. Prayer is powerful. God works through prayer. Here are some of the promises in scripture. Matthew 7:7  “Ask, and it … Continued

Three Systems For Church Staff Leaders

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Here are three systems every church staff ministry leader must grow in: A Database System, Calendar System, and a Volunteer System. In the book, Sustainable Children’s Ministry, the authors outline these three areas as crucial for recruiting, connecting and growing. … Continued

The Power of Saying Yes

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I’ve been learning a lot about saying “no” over the years. In fact, It seems like I hear about the importance of saying “no” on most every leadership podcast I listen to. The idea of streamlining, keeping your time open … Continued

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