How To Get Outstanding Performance From Your Church Staff

In his book, The Three Signs Of A Miserable Job (A Fable for Managers and Employees), Patrick Lencioni offers three reasons why many people don’t experience joy in their jobs. In the story, Brian Bailey, a recently retired CEO who … Continued

How to Develop the Culture of an Organization (Andy Stanley Podcast Summary)

Culture is really the strongest force in any environment.  How do create a solid successful culture in your organization? – To create a good culture, identify the things you love and reinforce them. – Ask yourself: if we were starting … Continued

The most natural way to get volunteers…

We can learn the two most natural ways to connecting with volunteers just be observing how kids connect to play. 1)  They go outside and begin to play with an expectant eye out for who may want an invitation to … Continued

7 Crucial Ingredients for a Team

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Every team needs these crucial ingredients: A goal. A vision. A  good chemistry. An opportunity. Great communication. Clarity of roles and structures. A moment when they realize why they were here together.   The larger the team, the more clarity … Continued

5 Reaons Why I Like Breakfast Meetings

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In ministry, there are lots of times to meet with people. But I like getting up and meeting people for breakfast.  Here are a few reasons why: 1. Gets you up and going early. 2. It’s usually quiet and easy to … Continued

Do You Know the Difference Between a Clique and a Team?

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I recently saw a diagram that explained it well.  Both a team and a clique are focused on a goal, but the goals are different.  A clique has an inward focus and a team has an outward one.   The … Continued

Creativity in Worship

Creativity is the defeat of habit by imposing originality and change. — Andy Law Creativity is critical in any organizational leadership.  When it comes to planning worship, it seems it’s even more critical.  We are created by a creative God … Continued

Motivation of Volunteers

Most of what is accomplished in my work is through an army of volunteers, all for whom I am grateful!  Motivation is a key piece to the effective work of any team, especially a volunteer team.  I was intrigued by … Continued