A worship band work trip

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A delegation from our church worship team took a mini one day work trip last weekend.  It was a great time of serving Jesus in a different way.  Instead of instruments, music, videos and sound, we used paint brushes, shovels … Continued

Too Old For Student Ministry?

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Whether you are a volunteer, a full time or part time paid staff person, or you got asked to fill in for a month five years ago, you may be asking yourself, am I getting too old for this?   The … Continued

Fishful Thinking…


Never forget the church’s mission and your mission as a disiciple – to be fishers of men. Jesus calls us to leave everything and follow him.  In doing so, we learn to become fishers of people.  We catch the passion … Continued

Leading Servants and Serving Leaders

This phrase once came to mind about the role of a church staff person. I’m not sure if it’s something I read or something that just came to me, but I wrote it on a Post It note and have had it on … Continued