David’s Prayer For His Son

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Christian parents pray for their kids. At various seasons, these prayers range from intentional to consistent, and from sporadic to desperate. Prayer is powerful. God works through prayer. Here are some of the promises in scripture. Matthew 7:7  “Ask, and it … Continued

Private Prayer Is Powerful

Not all prayers are public.  Most of our praying is behind closed doors, in quiet.  There are times to pray aloud and pray together, but private, personal conversation with God is a necessity. My blog is not my journal – my journal is.  Many of my … Continued

Giving Thanks


Here are a few excerpts from President Abe Lincoln when he decided to begin a national tradition of Thanksgiving, by making it a holiday at the end of November.  It has since been officially moved to the fourth Thursday of … Continued

7 Practical Thoughts About Prayer Before Meals

Scripture talks about praying before meals.  Jesus modeled it.  During the feeding of the 5000 he broke the bread and gave thanks for it.  Paul modeled it in a couple of other places throughout the New Testament. I have always … Continued

My Morning Ritual

For a day to start off right and go well – here are four things I want to do each morning.  It requires time and there are sacrifices, but it’s worth it.  On my best, most disciplined days, each of these … Continued

A Great Prayer for Leaders to Pray

Here are five powerful points from Ephesians 3 for you to pray – for your family, for your leadership team, for your church.  I pray… 1) That out of Christ’s glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your … Continued

5 Lines of Life from Luke


Here are a few lines from reading this morning. The kingdom of God doesn’t come with your careful observation, the kingdom of God is in you.  (17:20-12) A woman kept coming with her plea, and the unjust judge eventually settled … Continued

12 Ways To Delegate Prayer

Jesus invited people to pray for him.  He invited people to pray for workers in the harvest field.  He invited his disciples to pray for him in the garden.  And he invited people to be in constant prayer.  He expected … Continued

Four Reasons Fasting Is Linked To Prayer

Our church worship team and staff started off the year with the Daniel Fast. Here are some thoughts about why fasting is powerful and why it’s linked to powerful prayer in scripture: 1)     DEPENDANCE: It’s a physical reminder of where … Continued

Ministry Prayer Plan

I was inspired by Greg Groves at The Well Seminars this fall.  He has a very structured, intentional and expectant personal prayer ministry model. As a ministry leader, one of our big jobs is to pray for our people.  I have … Continued