The Pastor And Networking

“Networking needs to be the priority of every pastor of churches under 450… You should be spending 75-80% of your time “out there.” The pastor is the primary person to bring people in churches up to 450.”  – Bill Easum To do … Continued

3 Main Concerns For Newcomers in Worship

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Here are three main concerns for a first time guest in worship. 1)  Facilities.  A newcomer will see things about the facilities that long time church attenders will never notice.  It begins with the impression from the road, the parking, and … Continued

First Time Worship Guests Come With Judgement

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I recently read an article about mystery worshippers who are paid to attend worship and then give a report.  [Read the full Wall Street Journal Report] Here’s a quote that stuck out. “First-time guests, they don’t come with mercy, they come with judgment. They’re … Continued

Ministry Leaders: Create, Don’t Replicate

“Church leaders need to create ministry, not replicate it.”  Center Church, Keller Creating ministry, specific to your region, the people and the gifts of the congregation is a powerful force. Attending conferences, hearing about other ministries and churches and reading books, … Continued

Stop Trying to Close The Back Door – Open It!

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It’s no secret that churches have lots of fluctuation in members and attenders.  Church leaders bemoan the fact that too many people quickly leave out the proverbial back door. I understand the concept. We don’t want new people to attend for … Continued

7 Things Ministry Leaders Need To Keep Doing

As the old farmer once said, “The problem with cows is that you have to keep milking them.” At times, we plan with the “this should do it once and for all” motto.  Anyone who has led people for very long … Continued

Churches: Under 500 and Over 500

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According to a recent study there are 282,000 churches in the USA with weekly attendance somewhere between 7 and 499 people. That same study concluded that there are approximately 19,210 churches with attendance over 500. 34 million Americans worship in … Continued