Asking Creates Forward Movement

There’s a legend about Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and how it began. In 1882, the town of North Platte, NE requested Bill Cody to organize a Fourth of July Celebration. He called it the “Old Glory Blowout.” This event … Continued

Action Fuels Action

Sometimes, the thing that is needed is action.  There is a chance that you have been talking about something for far too long – and now, the only way that anything will ever happen is if you act on it.  … Continued

Momentum: The Cards Have It.

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Momentum:  The Cardinals have it.  Here are three recent quotes and five insights from them. “It’s hard for me to explain this production.  I’m just enjoying myself.” – Beltran “I’m going to have to watch that game over again. It … Continued

Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two…

This is a pretty standard thought that I’ve heard in a variety of places.  I was in a meeting and someone said, “you’ve got good, fast and cheap, pick two.”  It makes sense. And it’s worth thinking of again as … Continued

12 Ways To Delegate Prayer

Jesus invited people to pray for him.  He invited people to pray for workers in the harvest field.  He invited his disciples to pray for him in the garden.  And he invited people to be in constant prayer.  He expected … Continued

The Importance of the First Follower

I ran across this three minute video describing the importance of a “first follower”.  [watch the video on youtube] The importance of the first follower is unmatched. It gives credence to the movement.  It models the simplicity of following.  And it’s the … Continued

Six Practical Ways To Create Momentum In Your Organization

It’s understood that momentum is an organization’s best friend.  Momentum helps you blow past obstacles.  Momentum attracts people to you and your mission.  Momentum can help move something small into something great and quickly – even when all the odds are … Continued

Get the fire back in your belly!

Regaining vision & momentum. There may come a time when you realize that you have just been coasting.  You still say the right words, you still do the right stuff, but you just don’t have the passion to make a … Continued