Three Negative Messages You Send When You’re Late

How is it that some people are never late and others always are? How can an issue always arise that creates the conditions for being late? There may a few good reasons, but overall, the leader sends some certain messages … Continued

5 Concrete Ways Church Staff Stay Fresh in Ministry

Next week, our church office is beginning to slowly open back up. As I post this, we’ve been living through the 2020 global pandemic that seemed to shut the world down. If you’re serving in a church ministry, you either … Continued

Move Beyond The Ordinary To Generate Leadership

“Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to generate leadership.” – Tribes, Seth Godin Could it be that the reason the church has trouble “generating leadership” is because of ordinary thinking and ordinary effort? Sometimes I think pastors look … Continued

Your Comfort May Be Overrated

In his book, Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt talked about comfort being overrated. “We think that if we had every comfort available, we’d be happy. We equate comfort with happiness. And now that we’re so comfortable, we’re miserable. There’s … Continued

Get Your Vision from the Clouds to the Calendar

Being a leader at any level requires moving the vision forward every day.  If you don’t intentionally cast the vision and keep it in front, it will be impossible to grow your team, your people and your organization.  You need … Continued

12 Things Every Church Ought to Know About Their Community…

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The beauty of the church is that it literally everywhere. There are roughly 50 million people in the United states who called themselves believers and attend worship on a regular basis. In fact, in the United Methodist world, there are way more … Continued

The World Needs An Alive Church

Spent time in Sunday School last week talking about the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel.  Some of the conversation began to center around the church and how the pastor looks out on the congregation praying that they will come … Continued

Livin’ The Dream Man…


It was about 12:20 am.  We’d just stopped at a gas station and while waiting on others from the Harvest band, I was buying an iced tea. There was another guy standing in the same isle and he asked me, “how’s … Continued

7 Practical Thoughts About Prayer Before Meals

Scripture talks about praying before meals.  Jesus modeled it.  During the feeding of the 5000 he broke the bread and gave thanks for it.  Paul modeled it in a couple of other places throughout the New Testament. I have always … Continued

Why Connect With Children’s / Family Ministry Leaders?

“Children’s ministry will emerge as the most strategic opportunity in the church.”  This statement was made in a blog from The Youth Cartel entitled 10 trends that will shape the future of youth ministry. [read it here] I have to agree. Participation … Continued