Focus on Your Strengths

“We know some of their strengths, but I think it’s important that we focus on our strengths.” – Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals Manager, 2012 As we have seen the St. Louis Cardinals overcome some pretty devastating odds, it’s a … Continued

Do You Know The Impact of 1-11-55 Principle?

If one customer has a bad experience, they will tell 11 people who will in turn tell 5 others.  On  the other side, if a customer has a positive experience, they will tell about 6 people who in turn tell … Continued

5 Reasons Words Are Important

Here are some points from Matthew 12:33-37 about why words are so important. 1. Words Transmit Power (v 33-37) – Jesus said about Peter, “Upon this rock, I will build my church.”  God spoke miracles into being with words.  A … Continued

Ministry Leaders: Create, Don’t Replicate

“Church leaders need to create ministry, not replicate it.”  Center Church, Keller Creating ministry, specific to your region, the people and the gifts of the congregation is a powerful force. Attending conferences, hearing about other ministries and churches and reading books, … Continued

Stop Trying to Close The Back Door – Open It!

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It’s no secret that churches have lots of fluctuation in members and attenders.  Church leaders bemoan the fact that too many people quickly leave out the proverbial back door. I understand the concept. We don’t want new people to attend for … Continued

How To Change A Team Culture

The culture should support the overall mission of the organization.  A purposeful mission matched with a negative culture will never get off the ground.  The culture – the attitudes and actions of individual players and their shared beliefs with others … Continued

Three Team Members Everyone Needs

Here are three types of people that every team leader needs: Sneezers -The Sneezers are the people on your team who, after catching the vision, understanding the mission and fully believing in the power of what you are doing, uncontrollably … Continued

7 Things Ministry Leaders Need To Keep Doing

As the old farmer once said, “The problem with cows is that you have to keep milking them.” At times, we plan with the “this should do it once and for all” motto.  Anyone who has led people for very long … Continued

Five Ministry Time Savers

Though each of these require a little extra time up front, they produce “more” time later.  These are five ways to save time in ministry. Delegate – Figure out the little ways someone can help you.  Don’t get paralyzed wishing you … Continued

Three Ways Communion Reaches Us Differently

Yesterday, I had written some thoughts from a quote I read.  It’s true. When communication becomes too familiar, people don’t listen as much. As I reflected some more, my thought turned to Holy Communion.  Is the same true for experience?  I … Continued

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