5 Guru’s and Their Blogs

Here is a list of 5 really helpful blogs for ministry leaders.  Of course, not every single day is huge – but many times they are really helpful. Thanks to these folks for their ministry in the kingdom! Thom Rainer – … Continued

7 Indications You Have Discovered a Future Leader

One of our jobs as leaders is to uncover future leaders and bring them along side us.  Whether it’s a church, a non-profit or other organization, discovering future leaders is one of the defining characteristics of long term success.  Here … Continued

Confident Ministry VS Comfortable Ministry

Ministry leaders need to become more confident and less comfortable in their roles. [tweet this] Comfortable ministry can keep a person from receiving direction.  It may keep a leader from taking risks. It may keep someone from making hard decisions.  Being comfortable where we are may … Continued

Eight P’s for Achievment

Each summer we publish the Harvest Handbook for our ministry teams who travel to camps, churches and events.  The back of this booklet contains several little thoughts and this is one of them, though, the author is unknown.  Here are the eight … Continued

5 Reaons Why I Like Breakfast Meetings

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In ministry, there are lots of times to meet with people. But I like getting up and meeting people for breakfast.  Here are a few reasons why: 1. Gets you up and going early. 2. It’s usually quiet and easy to … Continued

Small Town Church VS. World Wide Impact

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I recently drove by a sign for a church that read, “Small Town Church, World Wide Impact.”  The clever tag line for this church got me thinking and though it’s fine, I wondered if it should be reversed – World Wide Church, … Continued

Four M’s From Mark 1


I read the first 8 verses of Mark 1 today.  Here are four things this portion of scripture teaches me. 1)  Be a Messenger (v 2) –  John was a messenger.  His whole life was to tell people about Jesus. 2)  Point to … Continued

9 Proven Ways To Get A New Idea

New ideas are great.  They are the seed to possibilities.  If you have 50 new thoughts or ideas this year and say, only 12 of them come together and pan out to something – that’s one amazing thing a month! So, begin practicing getting … Continued

3 Random Thoughts From Zecheriah


Three things moved me this morning from reading in Luke chapter 1.  The story centers around the birth of John.  Even though God said they would have a son, Zechariah didn’t believe it could happen. And God made a point of his unbelief in that … Continued

Every Man For Himself

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My dad has been a pastor for 41 years and has been serving at his current church for 25 years.  Recently, I have been jotting down some of his phrases.   Though this statement is one of the funny ones, it’s part of … Continued

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