Move Beyond The Ordinary To Generate Leadership

“Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to generate leadership.” – Tribes, Seth Godin Could it be that the reason the church has trouble “generating leadership” is because of ordinary thinking and ordinary effort? Sometimes I think pastors look … Continued

More Faith in God, Less in Self

It probably takes years for a leader to be weaned from faith in himself.  It’s not that young leaders don’t believe in God or trust in Christ alone for salvation.  It’s just that older leaders have learned to trust in … Continued

How Are Leaders Made?

Leaders are developed most naturally through these three means:  Relationship – Leadership quality people have almost always had a solid relationship with someone who mentored and showed them the way.  Whether it was a family member, a parent or other … Continued

Harvest Attributes

There’s a little model that we created in Harvest Ministry to help understand how we want each Harvest Team Member to be shaped and formed.  We want to be molded in Christ-likeness – as fully equipped leaders. Team members are … Continued

A worship band work trip

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A delegation from our church worship team took a mini one day work trip last weekend.  It was a great time of serving Jesus in a different way.  Instead of instruments, music, videos and sound, we used paint brushes, shovels … Continued

7 Characteristics of an Effective Church Office

The church office can be structured in a million different ways.  I have been in churches where the office staff is numerous, but the hallways are very solemn and quiet.  I have been in church offices with very few staff … Continued

7 Indications You Have Discovered a Future Leader

One of our jobs as leaders is to uncover future leaders and bring them along side us.  Whether it’s a church, a non-profit or other organization, discovering future leaders is one of the defining characteristics of long term success.  Here … Continued

Hold up your end of the bargain – lead effective meetings.

If you have called a meeting and are leading it, then hold up your end of the bargain. Maximize time and effectiveness of the people around the table.  Earn a reputation for being a quality leader in meetings.  Here are a … Continued

Quotes from Rev. M. L. King

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I’m grateful for the days we celebrate in the US that center around Christian leaders…  MLK, St. Valentine, Jesus, etc. Today is a the only national holiday for a US preacher – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are few quotes from him: “Darkness cannot … Continued

Action Fuels Action

Sometimes, the thing that is needed is action.  There is a chance that you have been talking about something for far too long – and now, the only way that anything will ever happen is if you act on it.  … Continued

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