Six Ways Church Staff Team Members Can Influence The Church

Does the staff influence the church more or does the church influence the staff more? Obviously, they both happen to some degree, but this question has been on my mind.  In this post, I will focus on the ways church … Continued

5 Guru’s and Their Blogs

Here is a list of 5 really helpful blogs for ministry leaders.  Of course, not every single day is huge – but many times they are really helpful. Thanks to these folks for their ministry in the kingdom! Thom Rainer – … Continued

Ask Questions Like Jesus

Jesus asked great questions.  He asked large groups of people and he asked individuals.  Being able to ask the right questions is a powerful teaching tool. It’s often the right questions that generate transformation. Here are eight ways Jesus used questions in … Continued

Ministry is a Contact Sport

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“Ministry is a contact sport.” I’ve been in several staff meetings where I’ve heard my dad say this.  I’m pretty sure he heard that someplace, but it’s become a mantra of his.  It’s always a reminder to each staff person … Continued

The Importance of Handwritten Letters

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I was reading in Colossians chapter 4 this morning and was reminded again about the power of handwritten notes. “…In my own handwriting, I’m sending this to you.  And when you are finished reading it, pass it along to the others … Continued

Too Old For Student Ministry?

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Whether you are a volunteer, a full time or part time paid staff person, or you got asked to fill in for a month five years ago, you may be asking yourself, am I getting too old for this?   The … Continued

Intriguing Paradoxes for Leaders

I recently heard that there has been more written about Abraham Lincoln than any other single person in history – second only to Jesus.  That is pretty impressive.  In my stack of “read-before-getting-rid-of” books, I pulled out Lincoln on Leadership: Executive … Continued

Leading Servants and Serving Leaders

This phrase once came to mind about the role of a church staff person. I’m not sure if it’s something I read or something that just came to me, but I wrote it on a Post It note and have had it on … Continued

The 2011 Well Wrap Up

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The Well, a seminar for youth workers, has been happening each year since 2005.  It’s one of my favorite ways to help encourage and equip youth ministry leaders to effectively help the church reach the next generation.   My vision … Continued

Three Steps to Making a Statement Your Own

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I was in a seminar with John Maxwell and in passing, he mentioned this little formula (in fun) for taking a statement, giving someone credit and then making it your own.  Here are the three steps:  1)      John Maxwell says, … Continued