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A guy gets shipwrecked and washes up on a beach. The sand is dark red. He can’t believe it. The sky is dark red. He walks around a bit and sees there is dark red grass, dark red birds and … Continued


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A man phones a lawyer and asks, “How much would you charge for just answering three simple questions?” The lawyer replies, “A thousand dollars.” “A thousand dollars!” exclaims the man. “That’s very expensive, isn’t it?” “It certainly is,” says the … Continued


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A cowboy rode into town and stopped at the local saloon. Unfortunately, the locals always had the habit of picking on strangers, which he was.  When he finished his drink, he found his horse had been stolen. He went back … Continued


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An airhead calls to order a pizza. The clerk asks, “Do you want that cut in six or 12 pieces?” The airhead answers, “Oh just six – I could never eat 12 pieces of pizza!” LATEST POSTS  

Ten Funny Little Jokes

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What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know but the flag is a big plus! Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, “What’s the word on the street?” Did you … Continued

Three Envelopes

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At a large corporation, the CEO who was leaving presented the new CEO with three numbered envelopes.  “Open one of these if you run up against a problem you don’t think you can solve,” he said. At first, things went … Continued


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A man was seen fleeing down the hall of the hospital just before his operation.   “What’s the matter?” he was asked. He said, “I heard the nurse say, ‘It’s a very simple operation, don’t worry, I’m sure it will … Continued

The Letter

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One Sunday a pastor found several letters awaiting him. He opened one and found it contained the single word, “Fool.” Quietly and with becoming seriousness he shared the letter with the congregation and announced: “I have known many an instance … Continued

Long Sermon

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A visiting minister was very long-winded. Worse, every time he would make a good point during his sermon and a member of the congregation responded with “Amen” or “That’s right, preacher” he would get wound up even more and launch … Continued

Court Question

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Six housewives living in the same apartment building fell into a dispute of such magnitude that it resulted in their being hauled into court. When the case was called, they all made a concerted rush for the bench; and reaching … Continued

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