9 Ideas To Celebrate The End Of The School Year!

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The school year is coming to a close.  It’s a great mile marker in the life of a kid to end a grade and be ready for what’s next.  Celebrate that sense of accomplishment.  Develop a concrete memory to make … Continued

What a walk can do…


If it’s a nice night and we are home, we typically take a walk around the neighborhood.  Last night was a perfect night to do so.  It was a beautiful night as spring emerges in the Midwest.  My two girls … Continued

Six Ways Dads Can Help Their Kids Belong!

“Kids are going to belong some place. The question isn’t whether kids will belong, but where they will belong.” –Dr. Kevin Leman “What a Difference a Daddy Makes – The Indelible Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life” is … Continued