You’re Not Home Yet

In his book, Fully Alive, Ken Davis tells a story of a weary missionary couple who returned to the USA. After 50 years on the field and the loss of two children to jungle diseases while serving, they descended the gangplank … Continued

A’s In Life

During lunch with a colleague and friend, he recounted the impact a professor had on him. It was in a class where he was falling behind and he emailed the professor. My friend laid out his reasons for getting behind … Continued

What a walk can do…


If it’s a nice night and we are home, we typically take a walk around the neighborhood.  Last night was a perfect night to do so.  It was a beautiful night as spring emerges in the Midwest.  My two girls … Continued

Second Most Important Relationship – Your Spouse

I remember reading a book a long time ago and though I don’t remember the title, the tagline has always stuck with me:  What if marriage wasn’t meant to make you happy, but to make you holy?  It is true … Continued