Christian Disciple Farm

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The Christian Disciple Farm is a unique and rewarding experience.  By day, Harvest joins 115 other people as volunteer staff leading a camp for special needs kids and their families.  By night, we serve as the worship team for the … Continued

Where we were… Summer 2012

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From June 5 – August 12, I had a great time leading teams and serving in ministry in various places around the country.  Here’s where Harvest was: Troy UMC, Troy, IL; Wesley Woods, Indianola, IA; Wesley Acres, DesMoines, IA; Emmanuel … Continued

Covered Bridges

One afternoon during the Harvest 2012 Summer Trip, we drove through the Covered Bridge Capitol of the World – a county in Central Indiana.  It was a fun, peaceful stop. Covered bridges were really popular 100 years ago, at the … Continued

Last Week of Harvest

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Seven ministry stops in four days.  We didn’t really think it was too crazy until we were in the middle of it, but we had a blast.  On Sunday morning, we sang in Marshall, IL.  That night we were in … Continued

Summer of Ministry

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The Harvest 2012 Summer Team closed somewhat quietly. We had a closing retreat, the closing dinner, the closing debriefing time. Then, we videoed summer memories. After lunch, we prayed and departed. Typically, we have a closing service for the summer, … Continued

Encounter Tour

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I was invited to be the worship leader for the Encounter Youth Choir Tour.  Encounter is a 125 voice interdenominational youth choir from the greater Alton, IL area representing about 30 churches.  Each year, for 40 years, this group has … Continued

Jr. High Alive Camp Schedule

Here’s another event schedule from Jr. High Alive, a summer camp at Beulah in Eldorado, IL.  Harvest led the worship music each morning and evening.  We also led a seminar during the day on worship and led the campfire devotions … Continued

Generations Camp Schedule

I’ve been going through a little pile of stuff that always ends up in my backpack during week in and week out summer ministry events.  I thought I might post some of the schedules that we have had this summer.  This particular … Continued

8 Simple Ministry Ideas

Through conversations and experiences over the last few weeks, here are some random ministry ideas – in no particular order: – Free Meal For You (Clinton, IA) – a couple in the church decided to give out lunches to underprivilaged.  Once a … Continued

You’re Going To Disappoint Someone

I heard this statement once: “Ministry leaders, you’re going to disappoint someone, try not to let it be your kids.” There are many ways that ministry work gets put in front of family.  So, it doesn’t seem too bad for it to … Continued

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