5 Great Traits for Family Gatherings During Holidays

Here are some attitudes that help make the family celebrations great ones as you get together over the holidays.   These are free, beneficial and almost always well received.  I’m blessed with an easy-going family – on both sides. But, I’ve heard … Continued

A’s In Life

During lunch with a colleague and friend, he recounted the impact a professor had on him. It was in a class where he was falling behind and he emailed the professor. My friend laid out his reasons for getting behind … Continued

10 Fall Traditions We Have

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My favorite season is Fall, followed by Winter, Summer, then Spring. To make life a little easier, I believe the official fall season should be September, October, and November. Winter should be December, January, and February. Spring should be March, … Continued

9 Ideas To Celebrate The End Of The School Year!

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The school year is coming to a close.  It’s a great mile marker in the life of a kid to end a grade and be ready for what’s next.  Celebrate that sense of accomplishment.  Develop a concrete memory to make … Continued

What a walk can do…


If it’s a nice night and we are home, we typically take a walk around the neighborhood.  Last night was a perfect night to do so.  It was a beautiful night as spring emerges in the Midwest.  My two girls … Continued

You’re Going To Disappoint Someone

I heard this statement once: “Ministry leaders, you’re going to disappoint someone, try not to let it be your kids.” There are many ways that ministry work gets put in front of family.  So, it doesn’t seem too bad for it to … Continued

Leap Year – 12 fun things to do with your free day!

Leap Day, as it’s formally called, will happen during Leap Year 2012.  The 29th of February only comes around once every four years – it’s like the extra 24 hours we all dream of having now and then. So plan … Continued