5 Concrete Ways Church Staff Stay Fresh in Ministry

Next week, our church office is beginning to slowly open back up. As I post this, we’ve been living through the 2020 global pandemic that seemed to shut the world down. If you’re serving in a church ministry, you either … Continued

Survival Is A Terrible Goal For A Church

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Sometimes, a church will get the idea that God’s vision for their ministry is to maintain what they have before pursuing growth and health. The fact is that “survival” is a terrible goal. Hoping to keep the status quo is … Continued

The Sin Of Abandonment

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Most church folks know of King David’s big sins. We hear messages and references in messages all the time. But, after all was said and done, he was still God’s favored, a man after God’s own heart. Solomon was David’s … Continued

Transitioning To A Paid Sound Engineer

Currently, we have four morning worship services on Sundays. Two of these services are held in the Family Life Center and two are held in the Sanctuary. The two services in the Family Life Center are led by the worship … Continued

Congrats St. Louis Blues!

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The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time in their franchise’s history last night on my birthday, June 12. They didn’t have to do that, but thanks! People around St. Louis are really happy – ecstatic … Continued

The Church Was Designed To Be A Volunteer Organization

There is tremendous power in the church. This is especially realized when every member understands the privilege of using their unique gifts and experiences to move the church forward in mission. Church leaders must become great at caring for volunteers … Continued

Church staff roles must be focused

The healthiest leaders know that focusing on doing what they do best will generate the most productive outcome.  And as each person succeeds at doing their part well, the department grows. In a larger church staff, the roles are often … Continued

Ministry Determined By Location

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I had the opportunity to worship at the Chicago Temple, First UMC in downtown Chicago. There is a ton of great history with this church, which still boast the highest steeple above street level in the world and the highest … Continued

The Sin Didn’t Stick

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Had a great Faith @ Home event at our church yesterday.  During the course of each year, the Family Ministry Team sets up one time events for parents with children in specific age categories.  The parents and kids then meet during the worship … Continued

12 Things Every Church Ought to Know About Their Community…

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The beauty of the church is that it literally everywhere. There are roughly 50 million people in the United states who called themselves believers and attend worship on a regular basis. In fact, in the United Methodist world, there are way more … Continued